Guide the lost sleepwalker back to their room by using the light switches on the left. Make sure they reach their bed before midnight!

The differently colored windows indicate separate rooms on the same floor. If the sleepwalker runs into a wall they will turn around and go back.

The sleepwalker moves towards the light, so they will use the stairs to go up or down if the lights on the floor above or below them are on.


This game was created during a weekend-long game jam at my university during summer 2020. It was the first time I worked entirely on my own during a jam. When I started, I already had a clear vision of what the game should look like while I only had relatively vague ideas on how it should be played. It turned out that building a vertical maze in a setting that doesn't actually allow players to see the vertical walls makes for quite a challenge, so the game's design kept evolving: The differently colored windows provided a convenient solution for both separating rooms on the same floor and giving players more agency.

The published version of the game received some further polishing, including two additional levels and full in-game credits.


Hotel Zzzz (Windows).zip 31 MB


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I do like the music, and it's an interesting concept, but the sleep walker wants so badly to go downward. He will even turn around when there is a lit area in front of him just to go to the stairs going down that are behind him. That's so frustrating. 

Hey, thanks a lot for trying out the game! :)

The differently colored windows indicate separate rooms on the same floor which have walls between them that the sleepwalker cannot pass through. So if the next window doesn't have the same color as the one they're in right now, they will turn around regardless of whether it is lit or not. This design choice was probably a bit weird, but otherwise the game would be way too easy because you'd just have to go up and then all the way to the right. Now there's only one valid path per level that requires both going up and going down.

The other thing is that the sleepwalker always prioritizes stairs. So if they're not supposed to go down (or up), the light in the room below (or above) needs to turned off. In some cases that can be a matter of precise timing.

Sorry for making you feel frustrated and thank you so much for your feedback! I will try reworking the game page to add more clarification on the movement mechanics.